Chennai Woman Commits Live Suicide On Tik Tok Over Addiction

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Chennai: In an incident of tragedy, a woman committed suicide and video-taped the act on Tik Tok, and sent it to her husband. The reason behind it being that her husband had scolded her for being addicted to the video making app.

Getting into the details Anitha (24), from Chennai, was introduced to Tik Tok by her friend. She had taken a liking towards the append started creating videos through the app. Over the days she gathered over 4000 followers on the app. Her relatives found that she was becoming careless with her 4 year old daughter and her 2-year-old son. The relatives contacted her husband 29-year-old Palanivel, working in Singapore, to inform him of her said ‘Carelessness.’

He then contacted her and yelled at her and scolded her over the phone for being so addicted to the app and for being ‘Careless’ with their children. She then took to the same app and recorded herself consuming a sort of poisonous liquid. The video was then sent to her husband.

Anitha was rushed to a hospital but died while undergoing treatment.

Tik Tok addiction is becoming the newest form of addiction now. There have been many cases of Tik toc addiction seen around. It was also put on hold while a ban on the app was the request by the state of Chennai. While in April it was banned in India due to the kind of pornographic content they put out.

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