Is This Where TV9 Ravi Prakash Is Hiding?

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Hyderabad: Telangana police suspect that the former TV 9 CEO V Ravi Prakash could be hiding in Australia. Despite issuing three notices to both Ravi Prakash and his aide Sivaji,both of them did not appear before the police. After which the Police issued a Look out notice in their names. Airports in the country have been alerted to ensure that they do not flee the country. Special teams have been formed to locate them. They first went to check a villa located in a gated community in Jubilee hills, but apparently he had left the place two days ago. The police believe that there were chances of him fleeing to Australia.

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The Chairman of Media Next Private Ltd. Harikiran Chereddy was also called for questioning by the police with the regards to the sale of copyrights and trademarks of the company for a mere Rs 99,000 on Saturday. He was made to sign an undertaking that he would be available for questioning any time and submitted the same.

The police searched the house of Ravi Prakash's advocate J Kanakaraj located in Road No 3, Banjara Hills at Hyderabad on Saturday. They are said to have recovered important documents and evidences from his residence and asked him to present for questioning.

Meanwhile Sivaji released a video on Saturday evening stating that he was innocent and that he was in India and had not fled anywhere, contrary to reports claiming him to have absconded. Though he did not mention his whereabouts, Sivaji claimed to be resting after a suffering from sunstroke.

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