Raped, Beaten, Videotaped And Blackmailed: How Alwar Gangrape Happened

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Jaipur: The Alwar incident has left the entire nation reeling in shock after news of the horrific event surfaced. The woman, who along with her husband, went shopping for a wedding in the family on April 26 afternoon, they were stopped by five youngsters near Thanagazi in Alwar, Rajasthan. She was then raped, beaten up, videotaped and blackmailed.

As per the survivor's account, the five youths tortured her and her husband more when she resisted as the gang-rape went on for almost three hours.

Also, the entire incident was videotaped by the accused with one of them, later blackmailing the couple for cash. In a report shared by a leading English daily, the survivor's brother-in-law stated that the couple was followed by five men on two motorcycles on a deserted stretch of the road near Thanagazi. They forced the couple to stop and dumped the bike in a ditch, further dragging them to the sand dunes off the road.

The five of them then forced the couple to strip and the husband was thrashed with sticks while the woman resisted. However, as the torture increased, the woman surrendered in desperation to save her husband. The assailants then took turns raping her, continuing the assault for almost three hours.

They even robbed the couple of Rs 2,000. While the couple managed to survive the atrocious incident, they were later blackmailed by one of the accused, who demanded Rs 9,000 to delete the 11 videos. One of the videos has already been uploaded on social media.

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