Abandoned NRI Woman Ends Life Over In-Law’s Harassment  

Juvvadi Vamsi Rao , Srilatha  Inset :Srilatha’s relatives protesting  - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A 32-year-old non-resident Indian (NRI) woman Juvvadi Srilatha committed suicide in her maternal uncle's home in Mumbai on Monday. The deceased relatives alleged that she was harassed for dowry and was abandoned by her husband Juvvadi Vamsi Rao, who left her in Hyderabad and went to UK.

The girls relatives brought her body to her in-laws Juvvadi Rajeswara Rao and Asalatha's residence in Ramanthapur , at Hyderabad. Getting to know of this they both locked the house and fled from there. The relatives staged a protest against Vamsi and his parents and demanded that justice be meted to Srilatha and her daughter.

According her relatives Srilatha was married to Vamsi Rao in 2011 and they moved to the United Kingdom in 2012. They said that she was being harassed for additional ever since she got married and the harassment increased after she had a baby girl. They said that both her parents Peesara Srinivasa Rao and Chandrakala passed away in grief, after getting to know about her harassment and, as they were unable to help their daughter. When her mother died in 2016, she had come to India but left within a month. She had attempted suicide by jumping of a train in UK. But when she got to know that Vamsi would be jailed for 20 years for abetment, she refrained from filing a complaint and compromised with him.

The three of them came to Hyderabad in June 2018 and Vamsi Rao left her at his parents place. Her in-laws also started harassing her for additional dowry and with no support from her husband, she went into depression. Her relatives said they had tried to mediate and asked him that if he did not want to live with her anymore they could part ways, but Vamsi did not agree to that. It is said that he had abandoned Srilatha and his daughter in India and returned to UK.

Unable to bear her in- laws harassment and at being left alone by her husband, she went to Mumbai and committed suicide in her maternal uncle Vengal Rao's house.

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