TSRTC Bus Theft: 9 People In Custody For The Crime

Dismantled Bus  Inset:East Zone DCP Ramesh - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad:Recently a bus was found missing from CBS under the limits of Afzal Gunj Police station. The bus was later found completely dismantled at a make-shift workshop in Nanded. Responding to the incident, East Zone DCP Ramesh at a press conference said that 9 people were arrested in relation to the case and they were sent to remand.

Among the nine, two of the main accused was found to be siblings. The two, unemployed men were asked by their mother to go and join their uncle at his workshop in Nanded. When they called their Uncle to find out the nature of the work there, they found out that he sells scraps, and found out if he would sell scraps from any bus or lorry they brought. After his confirmation, they hatched up a plan of the bus theft.

The second accused had worked earlier as a heavy vehicle driver in Dubai and so was used to driving heavy vehicles. And so they went to CBS, waited for the bus driver to fall asleep and fled the area. Halfway through the operation, the bus’ differential rod had fallen down from its place, and they needed to tow the bus to the destination. It was there that the bus was dismantled into 37 different parts, to be sold as scraps. Police say that all the parts of the bus were found at the workshop was found not missing even one part. They had also taken the owner of the workshop in their custody and seized as much as they could from the workshop. It was learned that the bus thieves had gotten Rs 60,000 for the sale, and only Rs 19,500 could found in their possession.

Further investigations are underway.

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