Kidnapped 6-Year Old Boy Found Dead In Quarry 

CCTV visuals  of  6 year old Sidhu  - Sakshi Post

Guntur: In a heart-wrenching incident, a six-year old boy named Sidhu who was kidnapped, was found dead in a quarry in the Macherla Market yard.

According to the police the victim's parents Venkatewsara Naik and Saroja ,had registered a complaint with the police after he was found missing on April 22. He was playing in a school ground near Nehru Nagar and was said to be kidnapped by an unidentified person. The police had formed five teams in search of the boy's whereabouts.

They also found CC TV footage from the Guntur railway station which showed a person carrying Sidhu on his shoulders. The footage also clearly shows that Sidhu was not resisting the person's moves and it seemed that he was familiar.

Search was on for the past three days and on Thursday his body was found floating in the quarry in the Macherla Market Yard by the locals. The police were immediately informed and they identified the body to be that of Sidhu's.

Guntur police have sent the body for post mortem and are investigating as to who the person was in the footage. They are also examining whether the murder committed was due to any personal enmities or property disputes in the family.

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