Pregnant Woman Kicked By In-laws For Dowry, Forced To Abort Fetus Thrice

G Rajeswari Inset: Her husband Damodar - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: A case of domestic violence and dowry harassment case was filed by the Visakhapatnam police based on a complaint given by a pregnant woman named G Rajeswari (23) on Tuesday.

Getting into the details, Rajeswari and her elder brother Chandrasekhar were orphans who were raised in the Prema Samajam in Daba Gardens in Visakhapatnam. Rajeswari managed to finish her basic education and started running a beauty parlour in the city to provide for herself. Damodar (her husband) and his mother Lalitha had seen her in the orphanage which also housed an old age home where his grandmother stayed. They took a liking to the girl and put forward a marriage proposal. She told them that they couldn't afford dowry to which Damodar said that they had no issues and were not interested in money. However, in the last minute they asked for 1.5 lakh Rupees citing flimsy reasons. The brother and sister somehow managed to pay the money.

Within a few months they started harassing her asking for additional dowry of Rs 25 lakhs. As stated in the complaint, she was also made to forcibly abort three times within two years of her marriage. The mother and son physically tortured her on a regular basis. They made her sell her parlour and her gold so that Damodar could buy a car.

When she was pregnant for the fourth time, she got a call from a woman named Swathi claiming to be Damodar's first wife. Swathi threatened to kill her if she had the baby. When she confronted Damodar about his first marriage to Swathi, he confessed to it, told her to do whatever she wanted, and beat her up again. They also told her that if she wanted to have the baby she had to bring RS 25 lakhs dowry. Unable to bear the torture, she started staying separately in NAD Kudali. Rajeswari took up a job with a weight loss management company and started working again to fend for herself.

On Tuesday afternoon Damodar picked up Rajeswari (who was six months pregnant) on the pretext of taking her to the hospital. Her mother-in-law was already sitting in the car. Taking her around the city they beat her up, kicked her in the belly and even tried to strangle her with her stole till they reached Purushothapuram. They even cut her hand with a sharp object.

She somehow managed to escape from their clutches and ran away to her brother Chandrasekhar's place. They went to the Pendurthi Police station and filed a complaint against Damodar and Lalita. Noticing her delicate state, the police suggested that she go to the hospital and get herself checked.

Her brother brought her in an auto to the King George's Hospital for treatment. Doctors have completed all tests and are awaiting reports to know if her condition is stable.

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