Mom Seals Crying Baby’s Lips With Fevikwik, What Happened Next Will Shock You

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

A bizarre case of parenting was reported from Chhapra in Saran district of Bihar. Even though the incident is no inspiration for parents, it would certainly make for a good Fevikwik advertisement.

A mother in Bihar, vexed by her baby's cries, admitted to gluing the child ’s lips with Fevikwik (extra strong adhesive glue). The father of the child walked into a silent house, and after some time found the atmosphere strange, he went to the baby only to find him frothing from the mouth. He then questioned his wife about what was going on and found out what she had done.

The baby was then rushed to the nearby hospital where the necessary treatment was administered to the child. The doctors later declared the child out of danger.

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