Haryana Man Smuggling Gold From Sharjah Held In Hyderabad Airport

The camshaft was filled with molten gold. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A member of gold smuggling gang was arrested at the RGI Airport on Sunday and 2.3 kg gold was recovered from his possession.

According to the details, the accused, hailing from Haryana was carrying a camshaft, a part of the car engine, where the gold was concealed.

The accused arrived at RGI Airport from Sharjah on Friday night and the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) sleuths of the Customs department noticed a metal object during the scanning of the baggage.

The suspect, who was immediately subjected to questioning, told the Customs officials that the object which looked like an automobile spare part was camshaft, which he bought it in Sharjah for personal use. When questioned the reason to purchase a camshaft from abroad when it is available at a lesser price in India, the suspect tried to convince the officials citing better quality.

Noticing the welding marks at both the ends of the camshaft, the AIU officials cut the tool open. A customs official informed that the hollow space in the camshaft was filled with molten gold and the ends were sealed. 2.3-kilo gold was extracted by melting the pieces of the camshaft and the accused was arrested.

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