Telugu actor and comedian Surya is the new name which has surfaced in the murder case of NRI Chigurupati Jayaram. As per the latest reports, the actor along with two others was arrested by the police in connection with the case.

During the investigation, the police officials found his involvement in the case. Surya is learned to have spoken on the phone to Jayaram in the disguise of a woman's voice, as per the instructions of Rakesh Reddy, the prime accused in the murder.

Sources reveal that Surya lured Jayaram to come to a designated place and Rakesh Reddy planned to extort money from him. During the time of the murder, Rakesh Reddy and three other persons were present in the house.

The police took a person named Anji Reddy into custody for not alerting the police after seeing Jayaram's murder and another person, Kishore who was aware of the murder plan beforehand.

Businessman Jayaram was found dead in a car on Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway on January 31.

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