Argument Over Buffalo: Man Chops Off Wife’s Legs  

Image Source: ANI - Sakshi Post

Krishna: In a shocking incident which took place in Krishna district, a man allegedly chopped off the legs of his wife over an argument.

The incident took place in Lingalapadu village on Tuesday night. Going into the details, the accused, G Picchaiah picked up a huge fight with his wife Rajeswari over the sale of a buffalo.

Filled with rage, Picchaiah picked up an axe and chopped off his wife's legs. The incident was narrated to the police by the couple's daughter who said that her parents are unhappy in their marital life. The girl revealed regarding the argument they had after which she heard her mother's scream. She rushed to the room and found that both her mother's legs were chopped off by her father.

The girl added that her mother wanted to move to Keesara near her brother's place but her father disapproved. At present, Rajeswari is undergoing treatment at Nandigama hospital. An FIR has been registered and the accused has been taken into police custody.

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