Groom Arrives Drunk At Wedding, Bride Calls Off Marriage 

Groom Arrives Drunk At Wedding, Bride Calls Off Marriage - Sakshi Post

Chhapra, Bihar: A groom allegedly turned up drunk at his own wedding causing the bride to call off the wedding. The incident took place at Dumri Chapiya village of Chhapra in Bihar where the bride, Rinki Kumari asked her parents to ask the groom, Bablu Kumar, to leave the venue after he appeared drunk, treading down the path unsteadily.

According to the bride's father, Tribhuvan Shah, the groom in an intoxicated state, was unaware of his surroundings and misbehaved on the wedding dais. Hence, his daughter refused to marry him.

Relatives of the bride also alleged that Bablu was unable to perform any ritual or even stand properly on the stage following which the bride walked off.

While both the families attempted to persuade Rinki Kumari to return to the stage and get married, she firmly refused.

With the wedding called off, the groom's family planned to leave, however, the villagers reportedly restricted them from leaving until they returned the amount they had extracted from Rinki's parents in the form of dowry.

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