Raid At Seetha Bakery In Vizag For Flouting Rules 

Raid At Seetha Bakery In Vizag For Flouting Rules - Sakshi Post

A food joint in Vizag has come under the scanner for failing to maintain the food safety standards.

A raid was conducted on Seeta Bakery at Industrial Estate in Vizag on Tuesday by the officials from Vigilance and Enforcement Department.

The raid was conducted based on a tip-off regarding the bakery flouting conditions. The bakery was found to be utilizing recycled oil and expired ingredients to prepare food and supply it to other food outlets, without obtaining any permissions.

According to Eenadu, the Vigilance and Enforcement Department's DSP, Sravani informed that the bakery defied food safety standards by using adulterated oil and stale ingredients to prepare different foods, additionally supplying them to outlets across the district.

The bakery even failed to provide the information regarding the manufacturing and expiry dates on the food packaging.

The DSP also stated that the surroundings of the bakery lack maintenance with people suffering from various infections after consuming food prepared in these hygienic conditions.

According to the reports, the officials gathered samples of the food prepared at the outlet and sent them for tests to Hyderabad. The DSP informed that legal action will be taken against the owners of the bakery, based on the reports.

The Vigilance officials charged several restaurants in Vizag previously for the sale of stale food with the owners also being found guilty of storing expired ingredients and rotten vegetables in their kitchens. Cases were also registered against the restaurant owners.

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