Jayaram Murder Case: New Name Surfaces

NRI businessman Chigurupati Jayaram - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A new name has surfaced in the NRI businessman Chigurupati Jayaram's murder case. Police have taken a man named Subhash Reddy into custody. The police found out that the prime suspect Rakesh Reddy had contacted Subhash Reddy after Jayaram's murder. The police will be presenting Nagesh, Vishal and Subhash Reddy before the media on Tuesday.

Jayaram's wife Padmashree has filed a complaint once again at the police station stating that Shikha Chaudhary had taken key documents from his house after the murder.

While she had left for the United States, the complaint was lodged by her father Pichaiah Choudhary, who submitted certain evidences against Shikha Chaudhary to the police.

The police will be registering a case against Shikha Chaudhary based on the complaint.

So far, the police have interrogated 100 persons in regard to the case. The police officers who were in contact with the accused have been transferred. TDP leader BN Reddy was also interrogated by the police.

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