Cops Questioned In NRI Chigurupati Jayaram Murder Case

Ibrahimpatnam ACP Malla Reddy at the ACP office, Banjara Hills - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Two Police officers involved in the murder of NRI Industrialist Chigurupati Jayaram appeared for an inquiry held at the Banjara Hills ACP office.

Ibrahimpatnam ACP Malla Reddy, Nallakunta CI Srinivas attended the grilling session, it is learned. One of the accused confirmed that he had spoken to prime accused Rakesh Reddy before and after the murder.

One of the cops even suggested to Rakesh Reddy that the murder should be projected as an accident, it is learned. It is learned that Rakesh wanted to settle the case in the police station with the help of a known police officer, but as this didn't happen, he murdered Jayaram in his house.

CI Srinivas, who is facing charges in the case reportedly admitted that the accused Rakesh contacted him about the case. However, he claimed that he sent Rakesh away by saying he was busy and later spoke to him over the phone a number of times.

Meanwhile, investigation officer K Srinivasa Rao created a crime scene reconstruction on Tuesday along with the accused.

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