Jayaram Murder Case: Rakesh Reddy Maintained Confidentiality Of Crime 

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Hyderabad: The investigating authorities have found that the prime accused Rakesh Reddy conspired to kill NRI industrialist Jayaram Chigurupati in order to conquer the lands of the debt-ridden industries including the Tetron company in the city. It is learned that Rakesh Reddy maintained the confidentiality of the crime from the other accused until the last minute.

Rakesh Reddy brought Jayaram to his flat at Jubilee Hills on January 30 with help of an assistant director Kishore. While Rakesh Reddy, Srinivas, Nagesh and Vishal's involvement in the crime has been confirmed, the police are investigating the involvement of junior artist Surya, Realtors Anji Reddy, Srinu and Ram.

Rakesh claimed to have given Rs 4.17 crore to Jayaram and a part of the amount was transferred to the bank accounts, however, the police could not find the money trail.

With Jayaram and his wife Padmashree staying in the United States, Shikha Chowdary failed to tend to the company's affairs which resulted in the lockout of the companies. However, the price of the company located lands hiked and Rakesh Reddy planned to scam Jayaram after learning that he had returned from the US.

Rakesh Reddy forcefully made Jayaram sign empty Rs.100 stamp papers and made him call several people asking for money from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore. After receiving an amount of Rs 6 lakh the next day, Rakesh planned to kill Jayaram. Hearing this, Nagesh left the place. According to the details revealed in the investigation, Jayaram was smothered with a pillow by Rakesh while Vishal held his legs.

Realtors Anji Reddy, Srinu and Ram came by the house during the same time demanding Rakesh to pay Rs 10 lakh he had given as an advance for the land since the deal was not settled. However, on discovering the body, the three men fled in fear and didn't complain to the police. The investigating authorities are taking legal opinion on the steps to be taken in the case as hiding the crime can also be constituted as a crime.

Rakesh then cleaned the crime scene with his driver/watchman Srinivas and then placed the body in his car. He contacted Nallakunta police inspector Srinivas via phone who suggested creating a crime scene in Andhra Pradesh as the police would catch him with the help of the CCTV cameras in Hyderabad.

The police are planning to register a case of theft against Shikha Chowdary on the basis of the complaint filed by Jayaram's wife Padmasri. The police will also be filing a petition in the court seeking an extension of the custody of Rakesh and Srinivas for another three days for further investigation.

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