Tirupati Nurse Reveals How Doctor Paramour Killed Husband, Lands Up In Jail

Nurse Aruna , Tirupati - Sakshi Post

Tirupati: After her extramarital affair went sour, a nurse from Tirupati tried to attack her lover Dr Adarsh while attempting suicide herself in the court premises at Tirupati today.

Getting into the details, Aruna (35) was working as a nurse in a corporate hospital in Tirupati. She was married to Yedukondalu, who was an alcoholic and was constantly ill. She met Dr Adarsh Reddy two years ago who was working in the same hospital, and in due course, both of them started having an affair. Aruna in her statement to the police revealed that Dr Adarsh had made her inject her husband with a dose of something lethal which led to his death. The doctor and the nurse continued their relation for another year after his death. He promised to marry her and also initiated his own divorce proceedings but eventually deserted the nurse. She had also filed a case of cheating against him in the Tirupati East police station. On coming to know that he would be present in the court for his divorce hearing, she came planned to physically confront him and commit suicide by consuming acid.

When the doctor saw Aruna there in the court premises he was shocked and made a run for it. Aruna in a fit of rage chased him and tried to throw the acid on him, but the plan failed and she ran into the washroom and consumed the acid there and fainted in the court premises. She was immediately admitted to Sri Venkateswara Ramnarain Ruia Government Hospital in Tirupati. The Hospital RMO Dr Srihari who treated her said that she was out of danger and she also had requested for a press meet to share what happened to her.

She told reporters that Dr Adarsh had cheated five women apart from her. She asked for him to be arrested and punished for his wrong doings so that such incidents can be avoided.

With the incriminating evidence given in her statement pointing towards the death of her husband Yedukondalu, where she spoke about the lethal injection administered by her which was given by Dr Adarsh ,Tirupati West police swung into action and have taken them both into custody and registered a case under Section 326 B, IPC for murder of the nurse’s husband.

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