Police Trying To Unlock TV Actress Jhansi’s Phone, Retrieve Deleted Messages

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Hyderabad: Punjagutta Police are investigating the suicide case of popular TV actress Jhansi who committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence in Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad two days ago. The police officials have recovered two mobile phones from her residence and they managed to unlock one phone, it learned.

It emerged that she had sent some messages to her lover Surya Teja but deleted them later. Police are in the process of trying to retrieve those messages using specific software. But it appears that there is no important information in the phone. The police is now trying hard to unlock another phone which is an IPhone. Police suspect it may contain some vital information which could help the police figure out the reason for her suicide.

Based on a complaint filed by Jhansi's brother Durga Prasad, police are examining all the details and vital clues pertaining to her suicide. As per his complaint, Jhansi was being harassed by Surya Teja and that she had committed suicide unable to bear his harrasment. But that was not a credible reason to file a case against him and as of now no action could be taken against Surya Teja.

It was also learnt from the investigation that Jhansi had tried to commit suicide last month, but her family members were alerted immediately and rushed her to the hospital and save her.

As of now, the Police have registered a case of suspicious death and are trying to crack Jhansi's second Phone could hold the key to many questions.

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