Anantapur, Gummagatta : Three school students hailing from the Gummagatta mandal, studying in the St Paul’s school at Rayadurg had gone missing, Causing ripples in the village, and were later found disembarking a train at Bengaluru.

According to the details the boys missing are Govardhan Reddy(8th class), Sharath Reddy (7th class), from Rangasamudramam village, Gummagatta mandal and Hari (7th class) from Kothuru village, D Hirehal mandal are studying in the St Paul’s school in Rayadurg.

Three of them are staying in a hostel run by their relatives in Rayadurg and are pursuing their schooling. All three of them had been to their native village on Sunday and came back to the hostel on the Monday morning. They came back to the hostel with their regular pocket money allowance.

They went to the school as usual and came back to the hostel. They later took their school bags and left the hostel saying they were going for tuition's.

Later in the night, the hostel staff came to know that the boys had not come back and they had not been to their tuition as well. Panicked by the incident they searched all over for the boys and informed their parents. However, three of them have boarded a train to Bengaluru from the nearest railway station.

The news about the boys missing went viral on social media, the relatives of Hari, one among the three boys, were residents of the city. Informed through the social media about the incident they went early in the morning to the railway station and found the boys getting down from the Guntakal- Bengaluru passenger.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru railway police held the boys and the relatives under suspicion. Police demanded for the relatives to prove that the kids were related to them and shifted the kids to child welfare centre till then.  After informing Rayadurg SI Nagendra Prasad that the kids were found, he video called the local officials and showed the kids to their parents.

According to the rules, no cases will be investigated on other days apart from Monday and Thursday. So the three children are still in the city under the custody of the child welfare department. Officials confirmed that once the Aadhar card and proofs are furnished the children will be handed over to the parents.

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