Royal Bengal Tiger Killed in Mancherial

Inset : Police and Forest officials . Live wire used to kill the Tiger  - Sakshi Post

Mancherial: Tiger poaching has become rampant in the Kawal Tiger reserve in Adilabad district in Telangana. In a span of two months two tigers were killed by poachers using live wires as snares. The latest skin which was seized recently was that of a tiger that had recently moved from Maharashtra into Kawal. The poaching seems to be the work of international smugglers who have colluded with the local poachers.

The poachers are using live wires which are normally used by farmers to prevent other wild animals like wild boars, deer, sambar and other wild animals from entering the farm and destroying the crops. In the same way in Sivarvam in Mancherial district, a very rare Bengal Tiger was killed by the poachers confirming the hands of international smugglers role in its killing, by the forest officials .

In December 2016 in Pinnaram, Kotapalli Mandal , a young tiger was killed again by using a live wire and this was also confirmed by the Forest officials in their report. Last month in Pulgamphandri, Pembi Mandal in Nirmal district another tiger was killed by the poachers using live wires. They took the skin and nails of the tiger and buried the carcass in the forest itself. The forest officials believe that the tiger would have come from Tippeshwar forest in Maharashtra. They poachers were caught by the Forest officials when they were trying to sell the skin in Icchoda.

Local Forest Protection Committees are planning to involve the electricity department officials, because when the animals get trapped in the live wire are electrocuted and the power trips as soon as it happens.

Both the Royal Bengal Tiger in Mancherial and the tiger in Pulgampahandri were killed in the same way. In the international market the rate of the tiger's skin is estimated to be in lakhs and the district forest officials are finding it extremely difficult to the contain poaching as international poachers are colluding with the locals by promising money and they in turn are using the live wires as snares to kill the tigers in the forest reserves. Out of the 20 of these tigers which have entered Kawal reserve since 2013, it appears that only 6 of them have survived.

The government of Telangana have taken the issue seriously after the recent death of the Royal Bengal tiger.

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