Woman Abandoned After Marriage In Karimnagar

Manda Ravali - Sakshi Post

Karimnagar: In Korutla town, a woman was cheated in the pretext of marriage. The man, identified as Pasula Srikanth, resident of Ambedkar Nagar in Karimnagar was in a relationship with the victim, Manda Ravali who lived in the same area, for five years.

Srikanth promised the victim that he would marry her and took sexual advantage of her but later refused to get married.

Eventually, Ravali decided to get married to someone else. However, upon knowing this, Srikanth married Ravali in secret claiming he would threaten the bridegroom.

When Ravali visited her in-laws' place after the marriage, she was threatened and asked to leave the house. Srikanth along with his parents left the house thereafter. Demanding justice, Ravali has taken up a protest in front of Srikanth's residence.

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