Kamatipura Minor Gangraped For Four Years, Rapists Blackmail Girl With Video

Kamatipura Minor Gangraped For Four Years, Rapists Blackmail Girl With Video - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: It appears no amount of protests, movements, campaigns or laws can stop the occurance of crime in the country. When it comes to sexual crimes against women or minor girls, the incidents are only on the rise.

One such heinous act came to light after a minor revealed the ordeal she had been putting up with for four years. According to the victim, a minor girl had been subject to repeated gangrape by eleven men over a period of four years.

Kamatipura woke up to this shocking news after the girl minor girl, who was unable to bear the torture anymore mustered up the courage to reveal the details to her parents.

The girl's parents sought police help to nab the culprits. The police registered a complaint against the eleven men. It emerged that not only did the men rape her taking turns, they also filmed the act and blackmailed her with the video. They threatened to post the video on social media platforms if she revealed the matter to anyone.

The girl who remained silent for four years decided it was about time that she exposed the culprits and shamed them in public. Overcoming her fear, she revealed the entire episode to her parents who soon lodged a complaint with the Kamatipura police.

It is learnt that medical examination revealed that the girl had been violated for a long time now. Locals who learned of this staged a protest in front of the police station demanding action and arrest of the criminals involved in the act. They also sought severe punishment for the eleven men who sexually assaulted the girl.

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