Baby Decapitated Inside Mother’s Womb After Nurse Botches Up Surgery

Representational Image - Sakshi Post

Jaisalmer: A shocking incident of gross negligence by nurses has occurred in Ramgarh Primary Health Center (PCH) in Rajasthan. Deeksha Kanwar (24) was seven months pregnant when she developed pains and was rushed to the PCH. With the unavailability of a doctor, a male nurse and a compounder took the matter into their hands and tried to pull the baby out and with the force they used the  baby's head was severed  and remained in the womb and only the legs came out.

To cover up their ghastly action, they lied to the parents saying that the umbilical cord was stuck and they couldn't perform the surgery and referred her to a hospital in Jodhpur. By the time her condition had worsened and the doctors after examining her were horrified to see only the baby's head and informed the parents of what happened. They later removed the head surgically and saved the mother.

The distressed parents lodged a police complaint against the nurses, Amritram and Jhunjhar Ram, who later gave the police the remaining legs of the baby's body.  A case under sections 304 A (death by negligence) and 336 (endangering life and personal safety was filed against them.

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