Tirupati Police Introduce Child Tags, Abductions Go Unabated

Three 10th standard girls went missing - Sakshi Post

Tirupati: Child abductions in Tirupati are increasing by the day, even as the local police are tightening the screws to prevent such incidents in the temple town. In three separate incidents, three 10th standard girls went missing after informing their parents that they were going to school. According to the police, Gouri from Anantapur, Nagamma from Kadapa and Sai Priya from Koruguntla went missing on Thursday.

Two of the girls belonged to the Government residential school while another girl went to a private school. A letter saying the girl was leaving the residential school was found while the search is on for the girls. The police have registered a missing case in the matter.

Child Tags Introduced in Tirupati

With a view to prevent child abductions in the temple town, Tirupati police have introduced 'Child Tags' at the Tirumala shrine on Tuesday. The details of parent or guardian accompanying the child would be tagged before entry to the temple. At the exit gate, the police would verify if the details are matching with the tag.

Also, the police personnel would implement a strong vigil in the temple area while 600 CCTVs keep an eye on the temple premises.

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