Khammam Degree Student Misbehaves With Woman, Gets Battered To Death By Her Husband

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Khammam: A degree final year student's attempt to strike up an extra-marital affair cost him his life here in Ramana Thanda of Thirumalayapalem in the district. As per reports, Nunavath Harish (19) has been behaving badly with Sunitha, wife of Malothu Chanti, a resident of the same village. Despite repeated warnings against attempting to get close to Sunitha, Harish kept persisting against the wishes of Chanti. On several occasions, Chanti and Harish got into altercations over the matter.

On Thursday evening, Harish tried to approach Sunitha on the farm. While Harish was passing by, Chanti attacked Harish by pelting stones at him. Chanti chased Harish down to the nearby forest area, where he battered him to death with a rock. Later, he reached the village along with his wife and surrendered at the police station. The situation in the tribal hamlet is reported to be tense.

Khammam rural ACP Ramoji Ramesh, Koosumanchi CI Murali and SI Indrasena Reddy inspected the spot and shifted Harish's body to the hospital for autopsy. A case has been registered and the investigation is on.

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