Mumbai: After receiving six missed calls from two different phone numbers on the night of 27 December, a businessman based in Mahim in the city lost Rs 1.86 crores. According to reports, the businessman's SIM card was hacked via missed calls, following which the SIM card was deactivated and details of his 14 bank accounts were compromised.

Some of the missed calls were received from a number coming from the United Kingdom with +44 dialing code. A case was filed by the police.

Of late, hackers are resorting to SIM Cloning, a process of cloning the original SIM card to create a duplicate SIM card without the knowledge of the original customer. The duplicate card is used on a different device while having all calls and associated charges from the network provided are attributed to the original SIM-card. Cyber experts have time and again warned customers of avoiding random missed calls especially from international numbers.

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