Uppal: A woman complained to the police that her husband is indulging in extramarital affairs. She said, her husband is a teacher by profession and is currently working as a principal in Ramanthapur in a private school. This complaint was filed in the Uppal police station two days ago. According to the victim, Pushpa Leela married Anantharama Goud working as a principal in Parijatham School, 24 years ago.

The couple has two daughters. Goud married a woman named Saritha in the year 2008, while staying along with wife Pushpa Leela. After he was reprimanded he stopped the relationship with Saritha. Later in 2015, he started a live-in relationship with a teacher from the school he is working in.

Recently in another instance, he got into another live-in relationship with a woman, whom he met through a marriage bureau. This incident came into light when his wife inquired about him as he was staying away from the house for many days. Upon coming to know of this Pushpa Leela filed a complaint against Antharama Gound in the Uppal police station. Police have registered the complaint and have started the investigation.

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