East Godavari District: In a shocking incident of bestiality , unknown assailants molested a cow here in Pithapuram, East Godavari district. According to the locals, Nama Buchiraju had a cow shed besides the highway near Gokawada-Kothur. On Saturday night, the accused ( number unknown) tied his 3-months-old calf to a tree with ropes and sexually assaulted the calf. On Sunday morning, Buchi Raju found his cow lying limp near tree and was unable to move.

With the help of farmers, he untied the cow. Later, they identified that she was bleeding in the genital tract and understood that it was sexually assaulted. Buchi Raju son's Lakshmi Narayana filed a complaint with Pithapuram rural police. The calf is being treated in the local veterinary hospital and is said to be stable.

The police discovered an empty alcohol bottle at the site of the incident and are suspecting that the assailants would have molested the cow in an inebriated state.

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