Married Woman Elopes With Tenth Class Student

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Chennai: A married woman eloped with a 10th class student one month after her marriage. The woman (26) belongs to Selam Tiruvagoundanuru and works in a private tutorial as a teacher. She was married on November 19th to a software engineer of Bagalapatti.

After his marriage, he went to Chennai to work while his wife went to her parents' house. She said that she will return in a while but did not.When her family members fail to find her, they approached Suramangalam police and filed a complaint of a person gone missing.

The police had been searching for her from four days after registering the case. Meanwhile, she came to the police station along with the 17-year-old boy and shocked everyone. They also said that they want to live together. The police informed their parents who reached the police station. After counselling the boy and woman and they were sent home.

Recently, in a similar incident, Mohammad Bilal (21) worked in a cloth shop as an accountant ran away with Tabassum (19) who used to visit the shop frequently. They both fell in love with each other. They went from Bengaluru to Chennai to get married without informing their parents.

Tabassum's parents lodged a missing complaint with the Bengaluru police who traced them with the help of cellphone signals. The girl's parents and relatives reached Chennai and attacked Mohmmad Bilal. He reasoned with them saying there was nothing wrong in marrying the girl who loved him. Then the shocking truth was revealed to him by Tabassum's parents that she was already married.

When he confronted her about her marriage, she was mute and felt embarassed. Her parents revealed that she also had a child which shocked Bilal. Bilal was arrested by Bengaluru police and his friend was arrested by Chennai police for helping them. A kidnap case was also filed against him.

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