Boxer Turned Chain-Snatcher Held

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Hyderabad: A boxer from the city who turned into a chain-snatcher to pay back debts and to help support his family, was arrested by the central zone task force police. Police seized a motorbike and 16.5 tolas of gold. According to the details given by the DCP Radhakishan Rao, “ Kona Narsingh Rao alias Narasimha hailing from Uppuguda discontinued his education in 2006. He then later did some menial jobs. At the same time, he also trained in boxing and participated in the state level competitions. The accused even worked as a coach in Gowlipura ground. In the process of renting a car for OLA and Uber, he took loans from some people he knew. As the money earned was not enough he resorted to chain snatching.

Narasimha used to change the number plate of his bike in the areas where he indulged in chain snatching. He attacked women in deserted areas while they were on their morning and evening walks.

In the past seven months, he was involved in 10 chain snatching cases. Later mortgaged the loot with well-known gold finances companies. One day he seemed suspicious to the Gandhi Nagar police, who upon further inquiry came to know that, he was involved in six chain snatching incidents and attempted 4. The case is now being investigated by the Gandhi Nagar police, who added that the accused will be booked under the PD Act.

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