Vijayawada: A newborn baby girl was sold by her mother for Rs 1.20 lakhs as she lacked the financial status to bring up her child. It is learned that the woman already has two daughters.

According to police inspector Murali Krishna, the accused Nallapotula Sai Lakshmi (22), a resident of Gollapalem Gattu, sold the newborn to Guduru Lalitha and M. Jyothi. It is learned that the deal was struck as soon as Sai Lakshmi got pregnant. Lalitha and Jyothi, who bought the baby deposited Rs 50,000 each in Sai Lakshmi’s daughters names.

One of the buyers, Lalitha decided to purchase the infant for her sister, who could not give birth to a child even after 17 years of marriage. The incident came to light when Durga Bhavani, an Anganwadi worker in the neighborhood found that Lakshmi was breastfeeding a baby which went missing after a few days. She grew suspicious when Lakhsmi didn’t bring the infant with her to her house and informed officials of the Integrated Child Development Services and the police. SHO Krishna said that the infant had been handed over to a Childline. A case was filed against the mother and the two women who purchased the infant.

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