Ola Blacklists Driver After Bengaluru Woman Shares  Ordeal

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Bangalore: An Ola cab driver harassed a woman passenger in the city of Bangalore. The woman, a CEO of a private company in Mumbai, booked an Ola cab from Kempe Gowda international airport to her destination. The victim has been indentified as Akanksha Poojari.

On December 10, she booked a cab through Ola and started from the airport. The driver attempted to take another route without following the Google map. The woman noticed and asked him to follow the route map. Then the cab driver stopped the vehicle and asked her to get off the car. She informed the Ola Helpline who called the driver and assured that she would reach her destination safely. They also said that they would follow the navigation closely. However, after she resumed her journey, the driver got onto mobile driving which the passenger objected to.

He abruptly stopped the car again in a dark secluded place. When she tried the Ola Helpline again, they didn't respond and she approached the Bangalore city police and informed the car number to the police. When she was asked for the exact location, she couldn't tell them and the police had to hang up. She also informed the police control room but in vain.

The aggrieved woman CEO (passenger) took to Twitter to express her anguish and demanded that she be served justice for such awful service. Meanwhile, an OLA spokesperson issued the following statement-- “We deeply regret the experience that the customer had to go through. The driver in question had been off-roaded immediately, and has been blacklisted from the Ola platform. Safety of customers is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring that initiatives like the in-app Emergency button, a 24x7 Safety Response Team, and Ola Guardian among others, help our customers feel safe when they use the Ola platform. We have extended support to the police in sharing all information to help them with the investigation”.

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