Wyra: A man killed his wife suspecting her to having an extra-marital-affair. The incident took place on Saturday at Satram Bazaar. According to the police, Rayala Padma (30) and Krishna was married 15 years ago. There were disturbances between the couple from some time. From two months, Padma was living with her parents and Krishna brought her to back to Wyra two days ago.

He started suspecting her when she used to talk a lot on the mobile. A fight ensued regarding the same and an enraged Krishna hit his wife with a hammer, causing severe blood loss and she died on the spot. Later, he consumed pesticide and attempted suicide. The police were informed and they shifted him to a private hospital for treatment. The couple have two children, Karthik (8) and Kalyan (5) who lived in a hostel at Khammam.

The accused Krishna's mother told the police that her son and daughter-in-law used to fight regularly and Krishna killed his wife. The police collected the details and the clues team had collected the evidences. After collecting details and other evidences , police started investigation and sent the body to Madhira government hospital for post-mortem.

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