Malyala: Suspecting his wife’s fidelity, a man killed her. Later, he committed suicide. The incident took place on Wednesday night at Choppadandi, Malyala.

According to the police, Karabuja Srinivas (37) was married to Manjula Lakshmi seven years ago. The couple has a girl child Vishita. He went to Dubai two years ago to earn his livelihood.

He was suffering from a disease for some time and came to his hometown a month back after working in Dubai for two years. On Wednesday night, the couple had an argument. Srinivas sent the children outside, closed the door slit his wife's neck and hanged himself. The children informed their relatives who found that the couple were already dead. The police learned of the matter and reached the spot, collected the details and filed a case based on a complaint given by the woman's mother Gangavva.

Apart from that Srinivas was already married to a woman who committed suicide by immolating herself. They had two children Spandana and Vishant. Later, Srinivas married Lakshmi.