Two people committed suicide at Rayadurgam in the different incidents

Depressed over feeling of loneliness, a girl committed suicide by hanging herself. The incident took place on Tuesday at Rayadurgam.

According to the police, Linganna and Padma had three daughters and a son. They left their hometown 25 years ago and settled in Rayadurgam for livelihood. Five Years ago, Linganna and Padma died. While the daughters got married, thrir brother used to do farming in their hometown. The deceased Jyothi worked as computer operator in Rayadurgam at a computer institute.

She left her job a month ago and was mentally disturbed as there was no one to take care of her. A depressed Jyothi hanged herself and committed suicide on Tuesday. Based on the complaint given by the family members, the police started probing the matter.

Apart from that, depressed over losing his job, a man committed suicide by hanging himself on Tuesday at Rayadurgam. He was the eldest son of Venkatesulu and Geethamma.

The deceased Aravind (28) was a graduate who was employed with Wipro in Bangalore. Meanwhile, the company terminated him one week ago for unknown reasons. He went jobhunting in Bangalore and returned to Rayadurgam on Tuesday. He was mentally disturbed for not having a job and committed suicide at his house. The police filed a case according to the complaint given by Aravind's parents.

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