Family of 3 Commit Suicide After Second Wife Elopes

Three members of a family committed suicide in the Adibatla police station limits, on Saturday morning. - Sakshi Post

Ibrahimpatnam: Three members of a family committed suicide in the Adibatla police station limits, on Saturday morning.

According to the police, S Hanmanthu an auto driver who hails from Kondapur in Nawabpet, Mahaboobnagar district was married to Chandrakala ten years ago. The couple had two girls children but wanted a boy so to beget a son Hanmanthu married Chandrakala's sister Sujatha six years ago. She who delivered a boy and a girl and in the meanwhile Chandrakala also blessed with a boy child.

Hanmanthu was living with his two wives and five children together in one house in the Rajiv Gruha Kalpa Colony in Kurmalguda in Ibrahimpatnam.

Later on Sujatha started having an extra-marital affair and when Hanmanthu learned of the matter he physically abused her.

Hanumanthu and Chandrakala were mentally disturbed over Sujatha’s affair and even filed a case against her in the Adibatla police station, which was still pending.

On November 18 Sujatha suddenly left home taking her son with her, but left her daughter at home.Unable to bear the humiliation , Hanmanthu (40), his wife Chandrakala (30) and their younger daughter Manjula hanged themselves and committed suicide in their room on Friday evening. The rest of the children who slept in the other room to their dismay found them hanging and screamed out loudly in shock and were heard by the neighbours and Hanumnathu’s sister who lived above their house. They reached the house and broke the door open to find all the three of them dead.

The Adibatla police was informed immediately about the suicide and the bodies were sent to Osmania hospital for autopsy. It is learned that a suicide note was found in the room but the police had not confirmed the same. A case of suicide was filed and the police are suspecting three people named Sai, Venkat and Kittu who have been taken into custody for questioning. Further probe is on.

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