Teen Lover Ties Noose, Kills Young English Teacher

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A young English teacher was killed by her boyfriend who had been a student at the same school. The boy's father is the headteacher of the school. The incident took place in distant Russia.

The accused Dmitry Rybalchenko (19) took the victim Anastasia Khrolenko (27) to a bridge in the Russian Far East. He then strangled her by putting a noose through the car window. The killer also hit on her head with a stone. The stone-faced murderer then went to Anastasia's mother making her believe that it was a road accident, according to prosecutors.

Dmitry did not stop at that. He dropped her body into Razdolnaya river. The victim's body was found after six months. After a trial, the court found him guilty and Ryabalchenko was sentenced to nine years 11 months for his cold-blooded crime.

After her marriage broke up in 2016, Anastasia and Ryabalchenko got into a relationship which went on after he left the school, suspect police. While going out on her date with Dmitry on a date on the fateful day, she left her four-year-old daughter with her ex-husband Alexader Khrolenko (28). Alexander suspected something amiss when she didn't answer his phone call.

A massive search operation failed to find her body but during the investigation the accused confessed to his crime. It was also reported that her phone was set ablaze. According to the local police, Dmitry had borrowed money from Anastasia to buy a bike and was unable to repay her. The victim was putting pressure on him to make the repayments.

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