Man Kills Lover’s Kids In Puttaparthi

File photo of Nagamma, Ganesh, Darsini (3) and baby - Sakshi Post

Ananthapur: In a case of double murder that came to light in the town of Puttaparthi in Anantapur, a man named Obulesu who was working as a driver in the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation killed two children of Nagamma with whom he was having an affair.

Obulesu, Nagamma and her husband Ganesh were working in the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation where Nagamma and Obulesu developed fondness for each other.Promising to marry her he brought her to his home town in Venaktagaripalli and told her that he would introduce her to his first wife and marry Nagamma. But his wife refused to agree and they went and stayed at a lodge close to Puttaparthi Super Specialty Hospital.

On 25 October when Nagamma was sleeping , he quietly took her daughters Darsini (3) and baby girl (6 months) out, killed them and buried their bodies near the Hundrineva canal. When Nagamma woke up and enquired about the children, he said that he had sent them to his relative's place and they both left for Bengaluru on Saturday .

Her husband Ganesh on seeing them together suspected something fishy and when their relatives and Ganesh asked him, he said that he had killed them both. The Puttaparthi local police were informed and they took Obulesu into custody. The bodies of the kids were retrieved and sent for post mortem.

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