Girl Hangs Herself In Closet In A State Of Somnambulism

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South Wales: In a tragic incident, a 13-year-old girl Hazel Bradleyk, it has emerged had died after hanging herself accidentally in a state of somnambulism.

Hazel had a history of sleepwalking and was found hanging in the wardrobe wearing her school uniform.

An inquest revealed that Hazel used to watch animated movie monsters and got scared of her wardrobe. A coroner ruled her death as an accident after her parents told the police they were certain she had been sleepwalking.

According to the reports, Hazel's mother Rebecca had hugged and kissed her daughter goodnight on the night of her death which was on May 23.

Next day morning at 6:45 AM, her father found her daughter hanging dead in her wardrobe.

According to Hazel's mother, the deceased was scared of her wardrobe after watching the film Monsters Inc in which the monsters scared the children by getting into the wardrobe.

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