Bride Elopes Hours Before Wedding With Lover

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Chennai: In a real life incident straight out of films, a bride-to-be escaped with her lover hours before her marriage was scheduled to take place. The family members of the girl were completely in the dark about the sudden turn of events. According to the police, the groom works in Sungachavadi and hails from Selam district.

The girl who was to get married belongs to Chinnamma Samudram and is pursuing her M.Sc. Her parents had scheduled the marriage for Monday at 6 AM. Little did they know that their daughter had other plans.

On the early hours of Monday, the groom's relatives found the girl missing. The searched for her extensively, in vain. Finding something amiss, they informed the Aathoor police station. Later the groom married another woman who is also a relative.

In the subsequent police investigation, it came to light that the girl escaped with a boy who is the resident of the same village.

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