Bihar Muslim Girl Thrashed For Loving Hindu Boy

Muslim girl caned by parents - Sakshi Post

Another case of ''Gram Panchayath Dikath'' involving a love matter came up in Nawada district in Bihar. An 18-year-old Muslim girl in Nawada district, Bihar was tied to a tree and thrashed by her family members for loving a Hindu boy from a nearby village. The incident happened on Wednesday (October 3) in Jogiya Maran village falling under Rajauli police station in Nawada.

Mohammed Farid Ansari's daughter was in love with a Hindu boy named Rupesh Kumar from a neighboring village.She had told her parents about their relation and their intention to get married ,but they vehemently opposed the relation.She left her home on September 30th and went to Rupesh's house. Her parents traced her whereabouts and forcibly brought her back to the village and put her for trial with Gram Panchayath.

They expressed anger that the girl had brought bad repute & dishonor to their village by falling in love with a Hindu boy and ordered her parents to punish the girl themselves. They tied her to a tree and thrashed the girl with canes as onlookers offered no help or intervention. She remained tied to the tree till the Police came and rescued her. The police took the girl's statement but no arrests were made, instead the Panchayath members were given a warning and let off.

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