Grisly Attapur Murder In Daylight Leaves Hyderabad Shell-Shocked 

Attapur murder of  a young man - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The city has not yet come to terms with the daylight murder of Attapur murder of a young man, who was axed to death the busy arterial road of Attapur, here on Wednesday morning. Social media was flooded with videos and photographs of the daylight murder in the presence of policemen. The onlookers had recorded the video on their cell phones which went viral on social media. Ramesh Was hacked to death on the busy Attapur in front of passing traffic, and bystanders, including policemen by the victim's father, Kishan Goud and uncle, Lakshman.

A Cyberabad police patrolling vehicle passed through the incident which was recorded in the video for which the police got trolled by social media users. The police department came in for a lot of flak on this. "There are at least three police officers around the incident who didn't respond sharply enough", said the eyewitnesses. Police on their part, denied any negligence by the cops.

A police official said that the two policemen had gone for their sticks to stop the accused. Referring to the patrolling vehicle, Prakash Reddy, a police officer said that the vehicle didn't go away. They went to park the car on the side of the road and came back to the scene of crime. "They can't stop the car in the middle of the road as that would have led to a traffic jam. Immediately they stopped the car on the side and arrested the attackers," Reddy said.

Within minutes of the incident, the video went viral on social media and several netizens have begun questioning the Cyberabad police and as well TRS minister, KT Rama Rao.

The trigger for Ramesh's grisly killing was the murder of a youth, Mahesh Goud last year. Ramesh is the principal accused in Mahesh's December 2017 murder, and had gone to attend a court hearing in the case in Upparpalli.

Ramesh killed Mahesh Goud, his neighbour, after his suspicion that a woman with whom both of them were involved in an extra-marital relationship. Ramesh suspected that she moved away from the locality after sensing some trouble and nursed a grudge against Mahesh. He slit Mahesh's throat after getting him drunk and dumped his body near a temple close to Shamshabad after attempting to burn it.

The car service center mechanic informed the police when he found blood stains in the car and when Ramesh came to collect the car, he was arrested by the police. Wednesday's murder was a revenge killing by Mahesh's father.

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