Facebook Friend Threatens To Post Obscene Pictures Of Woman, Held

A man was arrested in connection with  cybercrime against a woman - Sakshi Post

A man was arrested in connection with cybercrime against a woman. The accused reportedly harassed and threatened her saying he would post morphed photos of her on social media. The Rachakonda police arrested the accused identified as Bhasha. The police revealed the details in a press meet on Sunday.

In 2017, the victim texted Bhasha when she stumbled upon a Facebook account in the name of Tollywood singer Noel Sean. Bhasha replied to her saying he was not the singer Noel sean and he belonged to Anantapur. He later asked her to be friends. Soon, they started chatting after exchanging their phone numbers.

When Basha came to the city, he met the woman and took some selfies. Due to personal reasons, the woman was not able to chat and attend the calls of Bhasha for one week. An angry Basha sent few obscene photos and objectionable messages to her through Whatsapp and Facebook. He threatened the girl and her husband that she should respond to his calls otherwise he would post morphed photos of her in social media.

The victim filed a complaint at Rachakonda Cyber crime police. The police filed a cyber threat case against Basha and arrested him with proper evidence at Yellanur, Anantapur district. The police seized two cellphones and the accused pleaded guilty during interrogation.

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