Man Accused Of Theft Commits Suicide 

A 35 year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself - Sakshi Post

Husnabad: A 35 year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself. He is said to have felt humiliated after being threatened with a stealing case against him. The incident took place on Sunday at Nawabpet. According to his family members, Pinreddy Srinivasa Reddy (35) earns his livelihood by selling vegetables. On September 19th, he consumed alcohol at a wine shop and left home.

Next morning, the owner of the wine shop, Kandi Venu and his father Anajaiah called Srinivasa Reddy to their house. They threatened to file cases against him for stealing cash in their house.

Srinivasa Reddy hanged himself in his home on Sunday out of fear and humiliation, when he was alone. The reason behind the death of Srinivasa Reddy is Kandi Venu and Anjaiah, said the victim's wife Ramadevi.

Ramadevi and the family members protested with the dead body in front of Anjaiah's house and demanded justice, it is learnt. Police learned of the matter and asked the victim's family about the incident. The police is taking security measures to prevent any untoward incidents.

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