Anantapur: A pregnant woman died in suspicious circumstances at Dharmavaram Urban, Anantapur. The victim Rajeswari (26), got married to Naresh, an embroidery work designer here.

Rajeswari is in the fourth month of her pregnancy and her husband and in-laws are believed to have been harassing her for additional dowry. She also faced domestic violence from her in-laws. She complained to her parents about the harassment by Naresh's family. The victim's parents persuaded her to be patient and also fixed a date to celebrate the baby shower ceremony scheduled to be held next month.

On Friday morning, Naresh informed his mother-in-law that Rajeswari slipped and fell and that she subsequently died in the shower. Members of her family rushed to the government hospital and were shocked to find Rajeswari dead. They suspected Naresh's family members of harassing her since Rajeswari's body had marks on the neck.

The victim’s mother and other relatives claim that Naresh's family subjected her to torture for additional dowry and filed a complaint against Naresh’s family. They accused Naresh and his family members of attempting to make a murder look like an accident. The police took Naresh, Lakshminarayana and Sujatha into custody for interrogation.

MLA Suryanarayana conveyed his condolences to the family and also ordered CI Harinadh to file a case against the accused. He gave Rs. 10,000 as funeral expenses.

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