Extra-Marital Affair Leads Chennai Mother To Poison Children 

A merciless mother allegedly poisoned and killed her own children on Saturday here. - Sakshi Post

Chennai: A merciless mother allegedly poisoned and killed her own children on Saturday here. Vijay (30) works in a private bank. The accused Abhirami (25) had two children, Ajay and Karunika. Vijay came home in the early hours of Saturday since he overstayed in the bank due to heavy work. When Vijay came home, he noticed that the main door was locked. He broke the door and found his children dead.

He learned his wife left home. The neighbors who heard Vijay groaning rushed to his house. The police reached the spot and controlled the crowd.

Police shifted the bodies to the hospital for post-mortem. In the preliminary investigation, the police learned that frequent domestic fights took place between the couple. It is also learned that Abhirami was in an extra-marital relationship, which led to killing the children. The police formed two teams to nab the suspects. Sunder (25), Abhirami's lover, who owns a restaurant in the surroundings has been arrested.

Sunder confessed in the investigation that he and Abhirami together killed the children by mixing poison in their milk. He said they had also prepared a glass of milk for Vijay but he had not reached home. Police launched a hunt to trace Abhirami.

Killer Woman Held

They both were planned for marriage and to settle in Kanyakumari.

Abhirami's boyfriend, Sunder was arrested. In her statement to the police, Abhirami is stated to have said that she and Sunder planned to get married in Kanyakumari. She is also confessed to have planned to kill her children and her husband, as well. Abhirami added that her husband was not interested in her and he also suspected her fidelity. Both of them frequently had arguments.

Abhirami and his lover Sunder

On Saturday, Abhirami mixed poison in milk and killed her children. She also prepared a glass of milk for her husband, Vijay, but fate decreed otherwise and he survived only because he overstayed in his office on account of heavy work.

The police later tracked down Sunder and arrested him.

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