Husband Kills Wife’s Paramour And Killer

Husband kills wife’s paramour and killer - Sakshi Post

Makhtal: Kurmanna (45) was stabbed to death by Sakali Anjanayulu, the husband of a married woman, Padmamma he eloped with. In a sordid earlier twist to the tale, Kurmanna, who fought frequently with Padmamma, killed her sometime ago after a domestic quarrel.The two of them had moved to Hyderabad where Padmamma's murder incident is reported to have taken place. The Chandanagar police had filed a case against Kurmanna.

When he returned to his village, to his wife Shankaramma and their two children, Sakali Anjanayulu, decided to get rid of him. He had reportedly been nursing a grudge against Kurmanna for getting into a relationship with his wife and running away with her. Finding him on the outskirts of the village, he stabbed him to death. Sakali Anjanayulu has since gone missing and the police are investigating the case.

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