Nutan Kumar’s Wife Blames Beautician Padma For His Death

Nutan Kumar’s wife blames beautician Padma for his death - Sakshi Post

Hanuman Junction: There seems to be new twist in the case of beautician Padma with each passing day. The suspect Nutan Kumar who was allegedly involved in the murder attempt commited suicide. Now, it is a challenge to find the real killer. On the other hand, the police interrogated the wife of Nutan on Monday. She alleged that Padma is the only reason for her husband's suicide.

She said they got married in 2012 and at that time Nutan worked as a manager at a private showroom and Padma also worked in the same showroom. She tried to seduce him and harassed him several times. she added that the only reason behind the crime was Padma.

Beautician Padma is undergoing treatment at Vijayawada government hospital. The suspect Nutan Kumar's body is also at the same hospital for postmortem.

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