Jolt To Drunk and Drive Checking by Police

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Hyderabad: In an unexpected turn of events, a person who was tested with BAC count of 43 when he was subjected to drunk and drive test by police, proved that he was not drunk after a medical test was conducted on him. The police have registered a case based on the BAC count, despite the person claiming to be not guilty of drinking and driving.

The incident occurred on Saturday night under Sultan Bazaar police limits. Later he reported the matter against the traffic police at Sultan Bazaar police station.

According to police, Sayyed Zahirullah Quadri (20) on Saturday was driving back home from Ramkote on his two-wheeler. He was intercepted by Sultan bazaar traffic police in Ramkote. The police were conducting drunk and drive check. He was subjected to drunk and drive test which showed a BAC count of 42. The traffic police immediately seized his two-wheeler and booked a case against Quadri.

Despite Quadri trying to convince the police that he was not drunk, the police sent him away claiming that he was speaking under the influence of alcohol. Frustrated by their actions, the victim approached the Sultan Bazaar law and order police and complained that he was unduly booked in drunk and drive case. Quadri mentioned that traffic police were intentionally booking him drunk and drive case.

The police shifted him to Osmania hospital for medical examination. The medical report showed that Quadri was not drunk. This surprised the police. The incident has come has a shocker for police and people who thought that the checking devices were perfect. In fact there have been instances earlier also of people complaining that despite not imbibing alcohol, the test proved that they were driving under its influence.

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