Mother Fed Son Sedative Laced Chapathi To Carry On Her Extra-Marital Affair

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Vizianagaram: Vizianagaram Rural police unraveled an inhuman murder case of a 17-year-old boy, who consumed food that was mixed with sleeping tablets. It may be recalled that a woman killed her son who had been warning her against being involved in an extra-marital affair. The incident took place in Gayatrinagar here on August 22. Police investigated the case and established that the deceased's mother, Venkata Padmavathi and her lover Govind, were involved in the murder.

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According to reports, Padmavathi had been living along with a son, daughter and her aunt, Seetha Lakshmi, at Gayatri Nagar in the city. She had separated from her husband due to disputes over money. After befriending a realtor named Govind, she got into an extra-marital affair with him. However, her son, Hari Bhagawan learned about the affair and warned his mother against her relationship with Govind.

Irked over Hari's warnings, Padmavathi and Govind decided to kill him. As per CI Ramesh's statement on the investigation, Padmavathi confessed to have mixed around 30 sleeping tablets in Hari's dinner. "She tied Hari's body to the ceiling fan with a saree so that she could make everyone believe that he committed suicide due to failing in exams. But, after Padmavathi's aunt confronted her, she admitted to the crime and surrendered in the police station.

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